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Gresford NSW

Planning a wedding or a walk in the bush; driving down a winding country road or watching the Rodeo; tasting some wine or getting wet in a cool mountain stream, you’ll find it here in Gresford New South Wales.
This community website aims to serve the needs of both visitors to the district and those that call Gresford home. We hope you enjoy exploring this site and the wonderful people and places of Gresford.

Some cheer to brighten up the year

Christmas will soon be here and what a year it has been; drought, a really hot dry January and February, fires too, and finally the hardest of all for most has been the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Our thanks go to Lyndall and Xanthie for approaching The Gresford Community Group to again run the Christmas Lights Competition. After further discussion we decided rather have another competition why not let us all make Gresford, East Gresford, Vacy and our surrounding districts a happy place this December.

Why …. Don’t we all try to add some joy into our street/road and our region. You can ‘go the full hog’ and really light up your place or you can place a light at your gate, even a red Christmas bow and that can be done either ‘in town or on a farm gate’.

Where …. Everywhere, whether you live in one of the villages or in the rural area – do something. Bring a smile to your neighbour’s face, show your village you care, importantly let us all come together and spread some cheer.

When …. Whenever you are ready but probably 1 December would be a good start date.

Of course, there must be a few guidelines so as previously:
• Choose lights and fittings designed for external use only when decorating the outside of the house
• Wear non-slip footwear when climbing ladders and installing lights on the roof and other hard to reach areas
• Be mindful of the location and height of powerlines when carrying and setting up ladders
• Only purchase lights which meet Australian safety standards
• Read the light manufacturers’ safety and installation instructions and follow carefully
• Secure lights to avoid breakage in wind and storms
• Inspect old Christmas lights and electrical wires for any sign of damage or wear and tear.

Safety – Essential Energy has safety guidelines. go to their website and search ‘Christmas Lights Safety’

And as Essential Energy states ‘INVOLVE THE WHOLE FAMILY AND HAVE FUN!’

Easter Saturday Billycart Derby

Click here to go to the Billy Cart Derby website.

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