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ANZAC Centenary Project


Source: Gresford-Paterson ANZAC Centenary Project Group
Further details: Stephen Moore, 0411 406 522, buccawauka@gmail.com



In 2007 the National Archives released online copies of all the records in series B2455. These are records of men and women who served in World War I in the:

• Australian Imperial Force

• Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force – the combined force despatched in August 1914 to neutralise German New Guinea

• Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train – formed to assist the landing of men and equipment from RAN vessels

• Australian Flying Corps – predecessor of the Royal Australian Air Force•Australian Army Nursing Service

• depot units – personnel who did not go overseas but instead served in Australia

They also include records of official artists, photographers and the accounts of C.E.W. Bean, the official historian.

There are over 375,000 World War I service records in the National Archives, from a time when the population of Australia was around 5 million. These records tell the stories not only of soldiers, but also of nurses, chaplains and others.

The Listing

When a person enlisted to serve in World War I, they usually provided a place of birth and a place of enlistment on their attestation form, along with next of kin and so on. The heart of the listing is a tool to browse 375,971 records of service in the Australian Army during World War I according to the person’s place of birth or enlistment.

The listing identifies numbers of people born or enlisted, grouped by place. These numbers provide a useful indicator, but should not be regarded as completely accurate. They are drawn solely from the data contained in series B2455 and only represent those people whose places of birth and enlistment National Archives has been able to identify. When using the numbers, bear in mind the following points:

• The place of birth or enlistment was not always documented in service records. This is particularly true of groups that did not use the standard attestation forms, such as nurses and officers.

• There might be multiple service records for an individual, perhaps under different names. Sometimes enlistees sought to disguise their identity and may have provided false information about their place of birth.

• People chose to identify their places of birth with different levels of specificity – for example, some gave a major city, while others identified a suburb within that city.

Gresford and Paterson Service Men and Women

This project is a memorial to all the men and women from the Gresford and Paterson districts who served in the Great War. As part of our research we have also researched those who, on their attestation papers enlisting in the Australian Imperial Force, declared they were:

1. Born in the Gresford and Paterson districts

This is defined as comprising the following locations –
Gresford – Eccleston, Lostock, Paterson River (now Mt Rivers), East Gresford, Gresford, Allynbrook, Trevallyn, Carrabolla, and Halton
Paterson – Vacy, Butterwick, Martin’s Creek, Paterson, Webber’s Creek, Tocal


2. Who served overseas

Their details appear below.


The National Museum of Australia database lists some who lived in the district who volunteered but were discharged before being posted abroad after being declared medically unfit, under age, or related reasons. Others joined too late to see active service and remained in Australia. These personnel are not listed below.


Details of the local men and women are sourced from publicly-available digitised records held by the National Australia Museum and cross-checked for accuracy against the nominal and embarkation rolls held by the Australian War Memorial.

Although all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided, the project assumes no responsibility for the data.


Copies of the hand-written attestation records and supporting documents for those identified in this project are held by the Gresford and District Historical Society and Paterson Historical Society.


List of WWI Serving Personnel

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