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000 – emergency phone

000 (freecall)


Police – Fire – Ambulance – primary national emergency number in Australia

can be called from any fixed or mobile phone and certain VoIP services
Dial Triple Zero (000) for police, fire or ambulance if:
• someone is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help
• your life or property is being threatened
• you just witnessed a serious accident or crime.

Triple Zero (000) will NOT connect you to the State Emergency Service

112 (free call)

international standard emergency number
112 is the GSM international standard emergency number which can only be dialed on digital mobile phones. 112 can be dialled anywhere in the world with GSM coverage and is automatically translated to that country’s emergency number.

106 (free call)


national text-based emergency service for people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment
call 106 using a textphone (TTY) or a computer with modem access, to request police, fire or ambulance assistance. For more information about how to make a 106 call go the National Relay Service

911 – use 000

911 can NOT be used to call Emergency Services in Australia

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