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Suzanne Corke Nail Enhancements

Manicures, Pedicures, Acrylics, Shellac, Slickpour, Caption nail polish.
181 Dungog Rd, Martins Creek 2420
0427 063 496

The Happy Tooth Singleton

1A 126 John Street, Singleton NSW 2330.
36 minutes drive – 44.3 km drive from the Gresford area
open from 8am-7pm Monday-Thursday
8am-5pm on Fridays
also open Saturday mornings

Sharon Walters Homoeopath

9 Moore Street Maitland NSW 2320
0415 828 381


There is a defibrillator at East Gresford on the wall of Foodworks for use in a heart attack emergency. There is also a list of people trained to operate it.

What to do:

1. Ring 000
2. Keep the patient going using CPR and get a helper or two
3. Ring someone on the list below

Note: The defibrillator is only to be used if the patient has stopped breathing.
If there is a faint breath, keep CPR going.
CPR info – http://www.ambulance.nsw.gov.au/Community-Info/First-Aid/CPR.html

Defibrillator operators

Below are the names and telephone numbers of people who are trained to operate the defibrillator. The names are organised so that the closest person’s telephone number appears first.

Kelly Hojer
4938 9224 (shop) , 0409 929779 (mob)

Sue Forbes
4938 9378 (post office) , 0428 389 378 (mob)

Daniel Cherry
4938 9204 (Stewart Everett Mitsubishi)

Jim George
4938 9559

Judy Evers
4938 9577

Stephen Moore
0411 406 522

Martin Addison
4938 9424

Carolyn Addison
4938 9424

Harvey Collingwood Boots
4938 9145

Lee Chapman
0423 226 421

Rob Thornton
4938 9566

Jennifer Gell
4938 9346

Juliet Osbourne
4931 5235


Yoga with Donna Cavanough
fun, informative and social classes
Classes run during school terms and cost $20 per person per class or $18 concession.
Phone 0407 290 293

Vacy school of arts:
9.15am Wednesday (gentle) and 9.15am Friday (active)

Dungog Anglican Hall:
10am Tuesday (gentle) and 5.30pm Tuesday (active)

Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

339 Torryburn Road Torryburn
4938 9729, 0414 849 670

East Gresford Massage Clinic

31 Durham Road East Gresford
0427 389 722

Dungog & District Neighbourcare

Neighbourcare is a community service organisation assisting frail aged and disabled persons
PO Box 171 Dungog 2420
4992 3348

Health Direct Australia

1800 022 222
On the phone health advice

Maitland Hospital

550 High Street Maitland
4939 2000
40 minutes drive – 40 km from East Gresford
Emergency department

Dungog & District Community Hospital

60 Hospital Hill Road Dungog
4995 7000
25 minutes drive – 26 km from East Gresford
doctor is on call

The Medical Practice

245 Dowling Street Dungog
4992 1739
25 minutes drive – 27 km from East Gresford

Dungog Dental Surgery

197 Dowling Street Dungog
4992 3366
25 minutes drive – 27 km from East Gresford


Gresford Bowling Club car park, Park Street
Thursday, 1 November 2018 9:30 am to12 noon
A Farm Household Case Officer will be in attendance
Visit the Mobile Service Centre to find out about Australian Government payments
and services for rural families, older Australians, students, job seekers, people with
disability, carers, farmers and self-employed people.
Information about Department of Veterans’ Affairs programs and support services for
veterans and their families will also be available.
Staff can provide you with information and support. They can also help
you create a myGov account. myGov is a simple and secure way to access
government services online.

Easter Saturday Billycart Derby

Click here to go to the Billy Cart Derby website.

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