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Gresford to Maitland bus

Route 185 – Gresford to Maitland Train Station
Monday to Friday
Leaves Durham Road Gresford 7.15am Arrives Maitland Train Station Railway St 8.19am
Leaves Maitland Post Office High St 3.55pm Arrives Durham Road Gresford 4.59pm
Hunter Valley Buses 6572 2555
Timetable info 131 500
Customer service 4935 7200

Linq Buslines

buses for hire 4938 9394


Gresford Bowling Club car park, Park Street
Thursday, 1 November 2018 9:30 am to12 noon
A Farm Household Case Officer will be in attendance
Visit the Mobile Service Centre to find out about Australian Government payments
and services for rural families, older Australians, students, job seekers, people with
disability, carers, farmers and self-employed people.
Information about Department of Veterans’ Affairs programs and support services for
veterans and their families will also be available.
Staff can provide you with information and support. They can also help
you create a myGov account. myGov is a simple and secure way to access
government services online.

Easter Saturday Billycart Derby

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