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Barrington Tops

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Right in our backyard is the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park. From ancient forests, to roaring waterfalls and brimming creeks, the Barringtons are Tops!

The Barrington Tops has been featured in a recent edition of the Australian Geographic magazine. The article highlights the natural features of the area and calls it a naturalist’s and bushwalker’s haven, little altered by time.

The dramatic range in altitude, which leads to a variety of ecosystems existing side by side means visitors have the opportunity to encounter a diverse range of wildlife and vegetation types. From vine-tangled rainforests to towering eucalypt stands to snow-gum country and sub-alpine swampland, the Barrington Tops has it all.

To view some of the images by Andrew Gregory, which accompany the story, visit the Australian Geographic website… click here

and an accompanying video… click here

New Barrington Tops Guide – All You Need To Know

The National Parks &Wildlife Service has produced a guide book for Barrington Tops National Park. There are many places to visit for a picnic or to camp overnight, as well as bush walking, horse riding and mountain biking, and several stunning lookouts across the mountain ranges and down to the coast.

The guide also includes other parks and reserves in the area such as Gloucester Tops, Woko, Towarri, and Mount Royal national parks, and Copeland Tops State Conservation Area where there is an old gold mine.

The guide was developed by local park rangers who have worked in the parks for many years. It is this local knowledge, combined with practical information about park facilities and activities on offer that makes this guide so useful for locals and visitors. It includes detailed maps and practical information about camping and picnic facilities in an easy to read format. It also highlights the top spots to visit and to walk, cycle, watch wildlife and generally enjoy this wonderful outdoor environment.

The guide can be obtained from the following locations:

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